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From time to time, I will add stories, essays and other stuff to this page. Feel free to download the ones that interest you and read them offline (or in some cases, you can read the peices directly on line.

The Romance of Archaeology


Some years ago, I wrote a public lecture that was meant to entertain and educate. It was quite successful and I had a great deal of fun with it.

It was partly autobiographical, partly scientific and mostly fun. We published it as a small booklet and sent copies all over the world - to such places as Kenya, Tibet, Japan and Colombia.

We still get many requests for copies and so now make it available as a pdf document that can be read using Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

To download your own copy of The Romance of Archaeology, click HERE.

When I was fresh out of graduate school, I wrote a novel which took place mostly in Peru. Once it was done, I set it aside and went on to other things. I ended up writing a second novel that was subsequently published by Eagle Creek Publishers (The Stage Manager - available on

Recently I started rewriting the first novel, for my own amusement and then I decided to share it as the work progressed. I have redrafted the opening sections which are available here as PDFs for downloading. I would appreciate any feedback that you'd like to share.
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